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Re: build vs install

On Tue, 9 Apr 2019 11:35:05 -0400
Lee <ler762@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello Lee,

>What are the downsides to getting the source code and doing the
>build/install myself vs. using a pre-built package other than I'm
>responsible for noticing the software needs to be updated?

Mostly, it's time.  Also, you're responsible for installing any required
new dependencies, be they development packages or binaries.  Which,
again, comes down to time.  Such package requirements aren't always
immediately obvious, and may not even be mentioned in release notes.

For this reason, there's only one piece of software I compile and install
'by hand' as it were.

>The latest example is ttcp
>  http://nuttcp.net/nuttcp/latest/  has 8.1.4
>  https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/nuttcp  has 6.1.2-4

I was going to suggest adding stable-backports to your sources.list.
Assuming, of course, that you're running stable.  A quick check of
Debian packages shows that wouldn't help in this case.  A fact, no doubt
you're aware of, hence your query.

>If I ever decide to go with the debian package I just uninstall the
>software I built and .. anything else that needs to be done before

Yes, made easier if the install mechanism creates a useful log and you
can later 'make --uninstall'.

>installing an official package?

I'd back up any config file(s) just in case anything 'blows up'.  That
is to say, if there's any incompatibility between Debian's way of writing
the config files, and the package creator's way of doing so.  The Debian
package installer may write the configs somewhere other than where the
creator does, for example.

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