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ntfs-3g - mounting as normal user?

Hi folks,

I am not sure, but when I want to mount a ntfs-filesystem using ntfs-3g, I 
always need to input the password of root.

According to the manual, if ntfs-3g is setuid-root, it shall allow normal 
users to mount ntfs-files.

So, I have rwsr-xr-x with owner root:root, which IMO should do the trick, but 
still asking for the password.

However, I remember dark, there was something with "hardcoded in ntfs-3g", 
which does this no more let work. This was years ago and I only remember weak.

Thus led me to the conclusion, that either I am doing something wrong, or the 
manual is wrong (and of course should be corrected then).

Does someone know better or should I file a bugreport?

Best regards




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