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Re: OpenSSH not closing idle sessions.

On 9/04/19 12:14 PM, timothylegg wrote:
> I have two residences and one
> has a port forwarding issue.  I want to make an SSH tunnel to the
> other site.  If I am at one place for multiple weeks, it's asking too
> much for the SSH tunnel to stay live that long (I've seen many
> complaints of SSH connections dropping).  I want to put it on a
> periodic cron job, but if I don't answer into the tunnel within 30
> minutes, it becomes idle and drops off.  Every hour a new tunnel is
> initiated.  The old session must either be closed or expire else I'll
> have multiple SSH sessions live simultaneously.

Have you considered using a VPN instead of SSH tunnelling?

Eg I have OpenVPN set up to my parents' place, so that I can do
(automatic) backups of their system.

I did run into issues with address space conflicts (I can't renumber
either end), so in the end I did it all with IPv6, but you might not
need that.


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