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Re: Simple Linux to Linux(Debian) email

On Mon, 8 Apr 2019 14:14:33 +0100
Thomas Pircher <thp+debian@xxxxxx> wrote:

> Mark Fletcher wrote:
> > mutt won't let me go back and edit the subject line.
> Hi Mark,
> FYI, mutt does allow you to change the Subject line, in the Compose
> Menu, just before sending the mail.
> > Short version: Is it reasonable to expect a piece of software to exist
> > that establishes a direct connection to a "remote" MTA and delivers mail
> > there for delivery, without also offering up mail reception
> > capabilities?
> Yes, have a look at the dma or nullmailer packages.  There used to be
> more of these programs in Debian (ssmtp, for example), but on my system
> (Buster) only those two seem to have survived.
> You could also use one of the big MTAs and configure them to listen to
> local connections only, and/or block the SMTP ports with a firewall, but
> both dma and nullmailer do their job just fine. Besides, they are much
> simpler to configure.

The simplified SMTP agents may be simpler to configure, but their
functionality is lacking. Here are some of the issues I've run into:


I don't remember why I didn't wind up using with nullmailer. I
eventually just gave up and configured postfix.