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Re: May be silly question, but: Lost my qq(´) and qq(´) key

rlharris@xxxxxxxxxx wrote: 
> On 2019.04.08 05:29, Martin wrote:
> > since a few days, my qq(´) and qq(´)¹ don't work with a single
> > press.  I have to press twice.
> The problem most likely is oxidation of the electrical contacts of the key
> switch.  The silver or gold plating of the contact surfaces may be
> compromised by mechanical wear.
> Back in the 1970's, keyswitches were rated in terms of tens of millions or
> hundreds of millions of keystrokes; keyswitches of today are rated in terms
> of tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of keystrokes.  Search and
> read the manufacturer specification sheets for keyswitches.

IBM Buckling Spring: nobody knows, but there are a lot of
keyboards still working 25-30 years later.

Cherry: 50 million.


Kailh: 50 - 80 million.


Matias ALPS: 50 million.


Gaterons may be as low as 20 million.

You can buy all of the above today, in keyboards ranging from
about $60 to $450.