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Re: Simple Linux to Linux(Debian) email

On Mon, Apr 08, 2019 at 09:33:03PM +0900, Mark Fletcher wrote:
> Hello all
> As I wrote this I began to consider this is slightly OT for this list; 
> my apologies for not putting OT in the subject line but mutt won't let 
> me go back and edit the subject line.

Mutt can do that, too. To send via an alternative SMTP server, I do

  source ~/.muttrc
  set smtp_url="smtp://USER:PASS@xxxxxxxxx.server:587"
  set from="tomas zerolo <tomas@smtp.server>"

and put it in ~/.muttrc.otherserver. Then I invoke mutt with

  mutt -F .muttrc.otherserver

and mutt tries to deliver to that other server.

Substitute USER, PASS and your.smtp.server (and the "set from", if
necessary) with appropriate values.

I've assumed you deliver via the SMTP submission port, 587, as is
usual -- substitute that part if not.

About editing the subject: as others have said, as long as you haven't
sent the mail, you can edit the subject (actually all of the mail
headers). I like to have in my .muttrc:

  set edit_headers    # let me edit the message header when composing

so I have the headers at the top of my mail text, separated
by an empty line. Much more convenient :-)

-- t

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