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Re: Simple Linux to Linux(Debian) email

Mark Fletcher wrote:
> mutt won't let me go back and edit the subject line.

Hi Mark,

FYI, mutt does allow you to change the Subject line, in the Compose
Menu, just before sending the mail.

> Short version: Is it reasonable to expect a piece of software to exist
> that establishes a direct connection to a "remote" MTA and delivers mail
> there for delivery, without also offering up mail reception
> capabilities?

Yes, have a look at the dma or nullmailer packages.  There used to be
more of these programs in Debian (ssmtp, for example), but on my system
(Buster) only those two seem to have survived.

You could also use one of the big MTAs and configure them to listen to
local connections only, and/or block the SMTP ports with a firewall, but
both dma and nullmailer do their job just fine. Besides, they are much
simpler to configure.