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Re: May be silly question, but: Lost my qq(´) and qq(´) key

Am 08.04.19 um 14:05 schrieb Eike Lantzsch:
> On Monday, April 8, 2019 12:29:44 PM -04 Martin wrote:
>> Hi list,
>> since a few days, my qq(´) and qq(´)¹ don't work with a single press. I have
>> to press twice. Who can tell me why?
>> And, ho do I get my old single press behavior back?
>> Sorry I don't get this keyboard magic in this life...
>> 1) On a German keyboard, it is the key left of the backspace.
>> Thanks, Martin
> Hi Martin,
> do I understand correctly
> a single press gave you ´ and with shift `?

No, it is like composing a letter: Typing ´ once does nothing, second time, it gives you the character.

> so you were not able to write á and à by pressing the qq and then a?
> Now one qq press and then a gives á?
> Double press of qq now results in ´?
> The latter is the normal behaviour of my Gerrman keyboard layout. For me it's 
> useful because in a Spanish-speaking country I often need the accented 
> characters. This is with layout "German (dead grave acute)".

I use 'nodeadkeys'.

> You need to install "German (eliminate dead grave acute)" in your X-setup. I 
> don't know about xfce but for me it is enough to change this in the KDE setup.

Well, it worked since 206 with this install. It just recently changed.

> For programming and for the shell the behaviour with a single-press ´ is 
> better of course.
> I have no idea why this may have changed. Maybe look through the upgrade 
> protocolls of apt, if you want to know what happened. If you have more than 
> one keyboard layout installed (as I have) then a certain key-combination might 
> have changed it unadvertently.
> Have success and a nice day 

As it is such a nice day, I will finish my work soon and go to the Biergarten a couple of minutes across. Cheers!