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Re: May be silly question, but: Lost my qq(´) and qq(´) key

Am 08.04.19 um 12:43 schrieb Markus Schönhaber:
> Martin, 8.4.2019 12:29 +0200:
>> since a few days, my qq(´) and qq(´)¹ don't work with a single press. I have to press twice.
>> Who can tell me why?
>> And, ho do I get my old single press behavior back?
>> Sorry I don't get this keyboard magic in this life...
>> 1) On a German keyboard, it is the key left of the backspace.
> By choosing a keyboard layout with "nodeadkeys" / "ohne Akzenttasten"

That is what I do.
Well, in lightdm/xfce4-settings this was working with generic German PC 105 keys without further options. Which I did not touch since ages.

> you'll probably get the old behaviour back where a single key press
> makes such accented characters appear.