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Re: Measuring (or calculating) how many bytes are actually written to disk when I repeatedly save a file

On 2019-04-06, Stefan Monnier <monnier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> 2. A lot of my editing involves editing near (but not at) the end of
>> a file.  I assume (I know) that the software that saves the file is
>> smart enough not to rewrite the entire file but instead to preserve
>> the beginning of the file and just rewrite the changed part of the
>> file (or from there to the end of the file).
> Not completely sure if "you assume" or "you know" it to be the case.
> Especially given that you then add:

He assumes he knows, I guess.

It might be pertinent for us to know what "the software" is exactly. At
any rate, why anyone would write "the software" rather the name of the
application involved defies my imaginative faculty. 

Maybe it's privileged information the OP must keep under wraps.

>> Can anyone confirm that,
> which suggest you're not really sure (unless it referred to something else).
>         Stefan

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