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Re: Debian buster installer says Debian 9

On 06/04/2019 15:15, Paul Sutton wrote:
> Hi
> I created a fresh Debian non free install disk yesterday for Debian
> Buster.  Booting in to this, the initial screen for graphical install
> says Debian 9.  Has anyone else noticed this.
> This is the contents of the directory with the ISO in
> firmware-buster-DI-alpha1-amd64-DVD-1.iso  MD5SUMS  MD5SUMS.sign
> Is the installer meant to show Debian 10 ? or is it normal to show
> Debian 9 until release.
> Paul


Just to say thank you for the help received with this.  I have now
submitted a bug report,  however I have also now downloaded the alpha5
iso and will install that, so that future bug reports can be filed
against the right version.

Hopefully I can submit more bug reports in the future and get better at


Paul Sutton
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