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Re: 'synaptic' removed from buster

On 2019-04-05, Lee <ler762@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Can't [whatever installs the software] notice that Gnome is
> installed/selected & not install synaptic?  Or patch synaptic to
> realize it's running under Gnome & spit out an error message and quit?
> Everybody pays the price because it doesn't work with Gnome seems a bit much.

My impression from my general reading here is quite a few people rely on
the synaptic package manager. I use apt-get; it's pie-like simplicity
comforts me.

Thing is, beyond its innate and fundamental heresy (a gui app running as
root!), synaptic is the only GUI package manager available in Debian
AFAIK (I'm uncertain whether kpackage is defunct or not).  There are
those uncomfortable with the command line, sometimes even to the point
of panic, so not having a GUI alternative to such a critical piece of
software might be devastating for some.

Then again, this is all a matter of supposition on my part, and as I
don't see much genuine devastation in this thread, maybe I'm wrong.