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Re: 'synaptic' removed from buster

	Received from Gene on Fri, 5 Apr 2019 13:42:57 -0400 Re:
	'synaptic' removed from buster

> We all tend to forget these guys like to eat and pay the rent, so
> most have a $dayjob unless a student with an arm long enough to reach
> Daddy's wallet. And we users should not so readily forget that.

> Sadly there are times when I too am blatantly forgetfull of that.
> Thanks to all the people that make debian happen.

I have to second Gene's sentiments. Because in truth, have the same
lapse sometimes for just a moment. We know so little about those who
code, maintain and manage the whole Debian operating system and the
individual packages.

As well, we never get the whole story. A maintainer or one who has/is
working on the coding of a package may be told that something just
doesn't fit into the whole tapestry, leaving a piece hanging or
creating a loop that might be snagged.

How many have submitted work that has brought them great joy and had it
knocked back for some reason to be redone, or parts to be redone? We
don't read about it. because certainly in my case, don't know where
to look, so are unable to say, thank you for your efforts.

I know nothing about writing code, or much about computers [that's
probably why some of the terminology used may be rubbish] so am unable
to help as my infrequent posts to this list indicate. I bludge off the
work of others who know more and can/do more with computers and those
on this list who share information.

Volunteering in various fields I know a little about, the reason I am
unable to contribute to the maintainers, coders and others who do what
they can when they can for Debian and it's packages. Understand the
frustration that those who volunteer for Debian might feel.

I admit to momentary frustration when something doesn't work as I would
wish, or as it did in the past. But know in Testing this does happen.
Take time to consider all those working, often as volunteers, to
create something that will, when ready, give me great pleasure and
increase my productivity.

Though I write it too seldom, I appreciate all the work that is done,
and all those who do it to make Debian what it is today. More strength
to your arm,

Stay well,

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