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Re: 'synaptic' removed from buster

On 04/04/2019 07:20 AM, Curt wrote:
On 2019-04-04, David <bouncingcats@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
People accustomed to using synaptic might want to begin considering
alternative tools, because synaptic has been removed from buster.

More info:

Owlett's gonna be pissed.

Unsupportable presumption.
If I find Buster "broken" [my definition], I skip that release.
I have no problems with Stretch.

I installed Buster *only* because an application I'm investigating requires the version of Python in Buster. I have a personal preference to not use back-ports. I generally avoid testing to the extent that when a release moves from testing to stable, I wait for at least one point release before installing.

I don't recall why, but I installed Stretch before it was "stable". I had no problems. That encouraged me to try Buster. Doubt very much if my recent problems with Synaptic have much to do directly with Buster. [BUG745381 comes close to my concerns]

Synaptic doesn't play nice with the Wayland protocol, Gnome desktop with
Wayland is the new default desktop/login mode in Buster, so Synaptic's out?

I agree with one comment on Bug818366 says in part:
" ... if synaptic can't be run on the default desktop in the default
login mode, isn't the average user better of if we don't ship synaptic with buster?" I am NOT a Gnome user, but I understand my much preferred desktop, MATE, is likely to have related problems.

Lots of veteran newbies will be seriously discombobulated if they don't have
their Synaptic, I'd guess.

Am I a "veteran newbie", or just someone with a different experience and set of goals than you? I took my first programming course before Linus created Linux [in fact years before he was born ;] Although some of my jobs involved programming, I never classed myself as a "programmer". I abandoned M$ because they thought they new my needs/desires better than I.