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Re: "fatal" screen blanking (was: Getting amd64 stretch netinstall to work)

Gene Heskett composed on 2019-04-04 15:09 (UTC-0400):

> ...I had other things to do and left mc running but sitting idle 
> while I attended to the washing machine and walked to the mailbox to get 
> todays mail.  On returning, the screen  had been blanked. Nothing on the 
> keyboard or mouse would unblank it, and I had to resort to the reset 
> button.

> TDE-trinity is now installed and was rebooted to at the time. No 
> screenblanker gfx had yet been assigned, nor had an "xset -q" been run 
> to see what the defaults might have been. So I am rebooted back to 
> wheezy pending advice on what to do about this as I don't expect to have 
> to reset & reboot the machine everytime I walk away for ten minutes.

> Hopefully someone else has encountered this and knows the fix.

Were you running MC in TDE? Have you set its screen power save to maximum 120
minutes (as I do)?

Have you tried booting with consoleblank=0 on kernel cmdline?

Have you tried anything like xorg.conf for dpms? e.g.


	Section "Monitor"
	    Identifier "DefaultMonitor"
		Option	"DPMS"	"off"

Have you tried setting BIOS suspend mode to S1 instead of (typical default) S3?
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