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ways to disable DPMS, was: Re: Getting amd64 stretch netinstall to work.

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>On returning, the screen  had been blanked. Nothing on the 
>keyboard or mouse would unblank it, and I had to resort to the reset 
>TDE-trinity is now installed and was rebooted to at the time. No 
>screenblanker gfx had yet been assigned, nor had an "xset -q" been run 
>to see what the defaults might have been. So I am rebooted back to 
>wheezy pending advice on what to do about this as I don't expect to have 
>to reset & reboot the machine everytime I walk away for ten minutes.

Figuring out how to control screen blanking is a common problem for me, 
depending on hardware.  I think I recall several ways screen 
blanking/power saving can be set: in the BIOS, on the monitor OSD, in the 
graphics device settings, in a .conf for X, or with xset as you mentioned, 
and also in some of the gui power saving management center operations 

Also, there was a discussion here lately about console-setup IIRC, but I 
never got much into it.  I think that only applies when you are in a TTY 
outside of the X session.

The thing you'll have to do is find out what is blanking the screen.  If 
moving a mouse, or hitting space won't wake the monitor, try turning the 
monitor power off and on to start.  On my older machines, I have sometimes 
disabled all the BIOS settings for power savings, but then again some 
machines seem to pass on some of those settings to the OS, so I often just 
load setup defaults and try that first.