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Re: Getting amd64 stretch netinstall to work.

On Thursday 04 April 2019 11:24:24 bw wrote:

> In-Reply-To: <201904041039.19463.gheskett@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> >So how _exactly_ do I make the installer take what it finds, format
> > it, and just get on with it?
> You can't.  Part of manual partitioning step is selecting the
> mountpoints and it has to be done by someone.  How would you expect
> the installer to know what partition is for / or /home/ or /var or
> whatever?
If the disks partitions have been labeled, that removes that excuse, and 
they were.

But, to get current, adding a 300 meg /boot partition solved that 
problem.  And many of the remaining problems aren't showstoppers except 
for one. I had mc copying some  of my data from the deb7 drive to this 
one, but I had other things to do and left mc running but sitting idle 
while I attended to the washing machine and walked to the mailbox to get 
todays mail.  On returning, the screen  had been blanked. Nothing on the 
keyboard or mouse would unblank it, and I had to resort to the reset 

TDE-trinity is now installed and was rebooted to at the time. No 
screenblanker gfx had yet been assigned, nor had an "xset -q" been run 
to see what the defaults might have been. So I am rebooted back to 
wheezy pending advice on what to do about this as I don't expect to have 
to reset & reboot the machine everytime I walk away for ten minutes.

Hopefully someone else has encountered this and knows the fix.


> I guess you could do some kind of preseed script, but that's beyond
> me, and doesn't sound like what you want.
> Try the guide much?
> https://www.debian.org/releases/stable/amd64/ch06s03.html.en#di-partit

Didn't know it existed.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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