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Re: 'synaptic' removed from buster


On Thu, Apr 04, 2019 at 10:15:40AM -0400, Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Thursday 04 April 2019 09:02:13 Reco wrote:
> > The *unofficial* one is the existence of "gnome-packagekit". The thing
> > needs users, and this is one of the ways of getting them.
> I frankly don't care if it needs users. To get users, it has to work.

Quite the contrary. To get users it just needs to be written by a
certain company. Three-letter acronym company, to be specific.

> If it doesn't work at least as well as synaptic, it will never get the 
> users.

"gnome-packagekit" touts itself as a "Graphical distribution neutral
package manager for GNOME". There are other distributions where users
don't have the alternative.
But once again, Debian project choose to follow so called "industry

> If thats not plain enough to the people making these descisions, tuff
> luck.  This stuff gets its users by working, and gnome has not
> recently demonstrated that.

Please be careful. There are GNOME users here, at this list. Someone
might get offended :)

> All I've seen in stretch is a roadblock to getting anything useful
> done.

This one is for the buster users. Stretch isn't affected.