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Getting amd64 stretch netinstall to work.

Greetings all

I am  today, going to make my 6th attempt to make the stretch netinstall 

I think I have sussed the failure mode, which seems to be that by the 
time its finslly gets around to installing grub, its too far into the 
diksk for the dumb bios on this old Asus mobo to find it, so this time I 
am going to add a /boot as first partition. At 2 or 3 hundred megs.

And I'd like to do this with gparted in such a way as to skip the 
partitioning. I don't care if it formats the partitions I give it. But I 
do NOT want them futzt with. I've even had your partitioner rearrange 
the partitions/ putting a /boot partition 300G's into a 1T drive, 
although that was with a previous version.  So I'm hoping it won't do 
that ever again.

So how _exactly_ do I make the installer take what it finds, format it, 
and just get on with it?

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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