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Re: Has anybody run into problems setting noatime for the executable files on a Wheezy system (or any newer system)?

Am Donnerstag, 4. April 2019 schrieb rhkramer@xxxxxxxxx:
> I'd like to set noatime (instead of relatime) for all of the
> partitions on my SSD, which basically includes all the executables
> (except for a few I've written myself and keep in a separate top
> level directory on my HDD).
> I've seen a statement some where that one needs to be careful about
> setting noatime for executables because -- well I don't remember the
> reason well enough to repeat it correctly here, something to do with
> some executables checking the atime (I guess) on their files (or
> files they use).
> If anybody is still running Wheezy and has tried setting noatime for
> most of the exectables, did you run into any problems?
> How about anybody running Jessie or anything newer?

I'm running Debian/Devuan on SSD since June 2018 with all partitions
flagged 'noatime' but /boot (ext2).  No problems so far that I have


Kind Regards,