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Re: Has anybody run into problems setting noatime for the executable files on a Wheezy system (or any newer system)?

On 4/3/19 4:40 PM, rhkramer@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
I'd like to set noatime (instead of relatime) for all of the partitions on my
SSD, which basically includes all the executables (except for a few I've
written myself and keep in a separate top level directory on my HDD).

I've seen a statement some where that one needs to be careful about setting
noatime for executables because -- well I don't remember the reason well
enough to repeat it correctly here, something to do with some executables
checking the atime (I guess) on their files (or files they use).

If anybody is still running Wheezy and has tried setting noatime for most of
the exectables, did you run into any problems?

How about anybody running Jessie or anything newer?

It is my understanding that the warning pertains to data files of programs that look at atime -- mutt(1) is the often-cited example. STFW some people also warn about tmpwatch(8) and (unnamed) backup programs: