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How did relatime get set on my Wheezy system?

Background: When I set up my Wheezy system, I reserved (and formatted) a FAT32 
partition on one of my disks for a possible installation of Windows.  I now 
want to reformat that partition to ext4 to use for other purposes.

What puzzles me is this -- when I look at /etc/fstab for some of the other 
partitions that are already ext4 I see entries like this:

# /var was on /dev/sdb8 during installation
UUID=874304c9-36c6-4572-909b-c4c75d13269a /var            ext4    defaults        
0       2

When I look at the same partition in /etc/mtab, I see this:

/dev/sdb8 /var ext4 rw,relatime,user_xattr,barrier=1,data=ordered 0 0

What I don't understand, for example, is where and how relatime got set (and 
maybe some of the other parameters).  

(Aside: I'd prefer to set noatime for the reformatted partition as it is on an 
SSD, and will be used for data, not executables.)

I plan to reformat the disk with mkfs.ext4.  Initially, when I set up the 
system, I used the Wheezy installer to partition and format the disks.  I'm 
assuming that it used mkfs.ext4 to do the formatting.

I looked at /etc/mke2fs.conf and did not see any reference to relatime.

Finally (well, I have another question that I'll post separately), I'm 
assuming that I can include noatime in the /etc/fstab file I change the entry 
for the partition I am reformatting?  (That is where noatime is set on my 
Jessie system.)