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Re: Debian bridge with one VLAN iface - after upgrade from Deb 8 to 9 tc filters are bypassed for VLAN traffic?

kaskada@xxxxxxxx wrote:

> This setup worked smoothly for years until I upgraded Debian 8 do Debian 9
> (which I didn`t like to do but I had to, lets say). And now, in Debian 9
> only customer traffic which is not TAGged can reach tc filters and than is
> properly send to appropriate tc class and shaped. BUT traffic with TAG 500
> bypasses tc filters which means it goes just to tc default class (which is
> not good) - yes TAGget traffic is not terminated, just is not passing tc
> filters

Very confusing statement - is tagged traffic terminated or not? If you
configure VLAN on the interface you terminate.

> I guess I have to turn on some 0/1"switch" somewhere in the Debian 9...
> But please, do you know which switch?

In stretch the naming of the interfaces changed and systemd also. I would
firstly eliminate both for the sake of simplicity.
Then go through


Unfortunately I do not have the honor to use vlans on bridged interfaces
with debian and TC - means you have some firewall/router.