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Re: Xfce Power Manger and watching movies full screen

I understand what you are saying but I dont think its the simpler option
to make 2 different launcher for the same application with different
parameters. I will try the script Curt send me. I think that solution is
applicable to other use cases. Reading pdf files, presentations etc.

Thanks for your reply!

On 4/2/19 5:46 PM, David Wright wrote:
> On Tue 02 Apr 2019 at 08:55:58 (+0300), Georgios wrote:
>> I'm watching movies through netflix so I do not have any ideas how to
>> write a script that will do that thing. I guess the script should detect
>> if an application is in full screen mode.
> What the script is doing is signalling your intent to watch a movie
> rather than to, say, browse the web. The power of the CLI is that you
> can wrap a number of actions that follow from your intent within one
> command, whereas it might take several clicks on menus and buttons
> to achieve the ssme ends on a DE.
> You write "an application" above. Presumably you watch movies in
> one application but you also use that same application to do other
> things too. One solution to this may be to have two ways of opening
> this application, one for when watching movies, one for otherwis
> This is standard practice with CLIs, where calling the same program
> but with a different commandname makes it behave differently,
> eg aplay and arecord, which call the same binary.
> For a DE, this could mean, say, having two icons for opening the same
> application, but which do different things to start with. It's much
> easier to cause something to happen on the system than to try to
> ascertain a certain application's state when its author didn't think
> of providing the means to find out.
> A different tack might be to see if your WM has menus, or can create
> buttons, or define a function key, that can be used to change your
> power settings. For example, in fvwm, I have Alt-F10 set to take a
> full screen shot with:
>     Key F10 A M Exec exec myfvwm-scrot-key-png.sh
> and a button for just a window:
>     *MyButtons: (2x1+2+0, Title 'Grab PNG', Icon xterm.xpm, \
>                 Action 'Exec exec myfvwm-scrot-png.sh &')
> Ignore the syntax and particulars here; the myfvwm… script could be
> used to make any number of actions or changes to settings.
>> A "solution" I'm thinking is to put a cron job with the following command
>> xfconf-query -c xfce4-power-manager -p
>> /xfce4-power-manager/presentation-mode -s false to repeat it self every
>> morning.
>> Theoretically that should solve the problem of forgetting to change it back.
>> Doesn't feel like a clean solution.
> Cron has a facility for running commands at every reboot, for example:
>     @reboot       /sbin/kbdrate -r 8 -d 500 -s
> As for being a clean solution, the system itself runs scripts to
> initialise state that would otherwise persist across reboots,
> eg cleaning /tmp.
>> Anyway It isn't a big problem. Usually I do not watch movies at all.
>> Just had a leg surgery and I'm going to be bored to death the next
>> couple of weeks until i start walking again.
> Good luck! Perhaps you won't miss the facility for long.
>> On 4/2/19 5:09 AM, David Wright wrote:
>>> On Mon 01 Apr 2019 at 18:43:33 (+0300), Georgios wrote:
>>>> Thanks for your reply.
>>>> I already took a look at Caffeine before I send my first email.
>>>> The problem with it is that it looks for an app running so I do not
>>>> think its a good idea.
>>>> I often leave my laptop with a lot of firefox tabs open and expect it to
>>>> go to sleep mode or hibernation instead of closing it.
>>>> I will probably have to settle with manually checking presentation mode
>>>> although i was hopping for a more automated solution.
>>>> On 4/1/19 6:15 PM, Curt wrote:
>>>>> On 2019-04-01, Georgios <gpdsbe+debian@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>>>> Hi!
>>>>>> First of all thanks for the fast reply.
>>>>>> Yes I have presentation mode. I didn't even try it to see if its working
>>>>>> with hibernate. The problem with that is that its inconvenient to check
>>>>>> it and uncheck it all the time.
>>>>>> I will inevitably forget it sooner or later.
>>> How about watching your movies with an in principle 3-line script:
>>> set the presentation mode
>>> run the movie
>>> revert to non-presentation mode
>>>>> Well, that's how you do it, presumably, with xfce power manager, which
>>>>> was the question. Obviously, you toggle presentation mode on and off as
>>>>> necessary, unless you're watching netflix 24/7, which might curdle your
>>>>> brain.
>>>>> If not, there's 'caffeine'.
> Cheers,
> David.