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Re: Systemic Debian bug -- was [Re: BUSTER install - CATCH-22]

On Wed, Apr 3, 2019, 8:26 AM Richard Owlett <rowlett@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

At this point, the same cognoscenti who bemoan Linux lacking market
penetration tell him to go read some techie manuals and perform arcane
incantations. As true ostriches they insist the problem is "operator error".

This is a misperception. Linux rules the data center, not the desktop. Therefore the vast bulk of Linux installs are not done this way. Instead, entirely by network. I haven't heard anyone else complain about the mount message I don't believe.

Now I think that the specific volume information displayed is just the text in sources.list. So perhaps you could replace it with your desired text.

I was going to document here the work-a-round I successfully used
yesterday to install desired additional packages.

Before doing so, I attempted to duplicate the steps performed yesterday.
I received a strange error message. I suspect I know the source of the
problem(s). It will take at least a day to document.