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Re: old never used memorex cd media


Curt wrote:
> >> They [CD media] seem to be on their way out the door as a medium

I wrote:
> > I ceased arguing against that claim 10 years ago. :))

Paul Sutton wrote:
> CDs are still useful though,  The cost of a spindle of CD-r vs the same
> number of usb flash disks is that hte cd['s are cheaper.  And can be
> given away at install events.

Thank you for supporting an often discriminated media class.

As programmer who really cares about optical media, i'd say that CD are
outdated except for the purpose of Audio CDs and for use cases where
700 MiB of storage capacity suffices.
I write about one CD-RW per week and a dozen CD-Rs every three months.

Bread-and-butter has moved a while ago to 4.5 GiB DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD+R.
Nowadays single layer 25 GB BD-R and BD-RE are pushing aside the DVD types
(50 EUR-cent for a BD-R, 1 EUR for a re-usable BD-RE).
I daily write small sessions on one BD-R, 3 BD-REs, and one DVD+RW.
Every second day there are backups to 1 BD-RE or 1 - 4 DVD+RW.

> I think they are also a cheap thing to give out at install days too.

They can be printed on (my employer bought a Canon iP7250 printer for
this) and they can be offered to the audience on a swedish Knaeckebroed

Have a nice day :)