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Re: old never used memorex cd media


Curt wrote:
> They [CD media] seem to be on their way out the door as a medium

I ceased arguing against that claim 10 years ago. :))

About Gene's adventure so far, i don't see the media type in the first row
of suspects.
The drive is more likely to be the culprit. How old is it ?

Then there are the storage conditions of the blank media. Five years of
lighting would be a good reason for the dye to get bad. Temperature might
play a role. (Fungi rather not.)
If it is about CD-RW, then a few rounds of blanking and writing might
revitalize a tired dye.

We might get more info if Gene would report the messages of

  xorriso -outdev /dev/sr0 -toc

while a fresh medium is in the drive.
Drive model and Media model and manufacturer would tell something about
the minimum age of the involved hardware.

Mainboard "m2n-sli-deluxe" ... 10 years old ?
Nevertheless, i'd expect that some of its USB ports would be recognized
by the BIOS as candidates for booting.
This thread from 2008
ends by

  "The issue wasn't changing the boot sequence order by adding USB but
   rather adjusting the "Hard drive" option in the boot sequence to check
   usb first and then hard drive."

Something for Gene to try independently of his installation adventure.
Just check whether an USB stick with the netinst ISO boots to the
first Debian menu (which is a ISOLINU menu, probably).

Have a nice day :)