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Grrrrr, howinhell do I stop the 3 minutes of inactivity shutdown of a new stretch install?

Greetings all;

I have stretch about half installed. But everytime I setup synaptic to 
install a few hundred of MY favs, and I leave to take care of my invalid 
missus for 5 minutes, I come back to a shutdown machine,  blinking the 
green power led, and the job I sent synaptic to do is only 5% done.

Then I just discovered the default system partition is 30 GB, and my 
wheezy / is closer to 500GB, so needless to say, 14 hours and many 
restarts later to move all my data, the / partition is full, and I've 
60GB yet to copy.

I'm going to see if gparted can rescue me, but in terms of time killed, 
I'm likely time ahead to go fight with the installers partitioner and 
restart this 20 hour project.

But to have a snowballs chance it hell of getting it done this week yet, 
I have got to shut the inactivity shutdown off, so how do I do that as 
the first thing after the installers reboot? This machine is the master 
of the rest of my local network, so its up continuously and that isn't 
likely to change in my remaining lifetime.


Cheers, Gene Heskett
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