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Re: old never used memorex cd media

On Tue 02 Apr 2019 at 14:08:15 -0400, Gene Heskett wrote:

> Greetings all;

Greetings, old man.
> I have a spindle of memorex  cd-r's, and I've now downloaded and burnt 4 
> copy's of the buster netinstall image to a series of them.

99% of users write netinstall images to a a USB stick. They know 
the technology is reliable and provides a bootable image. The other
1% takes a different path which, very often, involves other people
in some work - like posting to -user.

> But I can't get any of them to boot.
> Does old, these are at least 5 years old, cd'r media go bad?
> However the sha256sum's of both the file and the just burnt /dev/sr0 
> match. This is the 5th burn attempted.
> 4 hours later, it actually booted, so something that looks a teeny bit 
> like stretch is now installed on a different drive.  Hard to tell with 
> gnome for a desktop, and the Konsole available there has  been severely 
> emasculated of anything that looks like session tabs. I have at least 15 
> tabs on 4 of my 10 workspaces here on wheezy, So as yet, I feel like I'm 
> on windows-3.0.

A fraction of the 1% inevitably has something disparaging to say to
try to take the edge off their initial out-moded choice of boot medium.

> Config roadblocks are, switching to tde for a desktop, can't find the 
> tools to do that, and getting my email corpus copied across so I have 
> continuity there.  The rest I can probably muddle thru or ask more 
> detailed questions.  And eventually you can quit hassling me to 
> update. :)

Update? You are moving on to buster? Or is that a step too far?