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Re: free software to paid work

On 30/03/2019 21:44, Jan Claeys wrote:
> On Thu, 2019-03-28 at 09:25 +0000, Paul Sutton wrote:
>> In an effort to reach out to people and recruit much needed help for
>> contributors to free software,  I just wondered if there were any
>> examples of where  people have gained either full time work or full
>> time education places as a result of contributing to free software.
> There are many thousands of examples of people who got certain jobs
> because of their open source and free software contributions (maybe
> Linus Torvalds is one of the best-known examples), but of course it is
> never a guarantee.  This obviously applies to companies that have their
> own open source projects, but some other companies & organisations
> (including some that are non-IT in some cases) will also value the
> experience you gained.
> For full time education places, do you mean something like a
> scholarship?  That would be useful in places where university
> educations are expensive, of course, but I don't know if there exist
> any such scholarships right now.  Maybe someone else knows more about
> this?

Thank you for this,  very useful as a starting point, and useful to help
argue that contributing to free software can lead to something.


Paul Sutton
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