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Re: Xfce Power Manger and watching movies full screen

On 2019-04-02, Georgios <gpdsbe+debian@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm watching movies through netflix so I do not have any ideas how to
> write a script that will do that thing. I guess the script should detect
> if an application is in full screen mode.

Here's a GPL script not far from your desire (can't vouch for it, though).


You'd have to alter, of course, the if clause to toggle on
xfce-power-manager presentation mode (xfconf-query ...) rather than
deactivating xscreensaver ('xscreensaver-command -deactivate'), and I
guess add an 'else' to toggle it off when the active window isn't

It seems possible to grep the output of 'ps aux' for the cdm decryption
module, which might be another way to go in Netflix stream detection.