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Re: BUSTER install - CATCH-22

On 04/01/2019 06:11 PM, Jason wrote:
On Mon, Apr 01, 2019 at 07:23:49AM -0500, Richard Owlett wrote:
On 03/31/2019 08:55 AM, bw wrote:
In-Reply-To: <a96e19f6-dce3-215f-cba8-f67c60e5ccb0@xxxxxxxxxxx>

The installation, having put the DVD1 ISO on a flash drive, encountered
no problems

*HOWEVER* I need several packages [gparted, tcl, tk] which are in the DVD

Synaptic is unable to install them:
  1. sources.list refers to a non-existent physical DVD.
  2. the default installation has no way of informing Synaptic
     that it should look for an alternate iso image.
  3. modifying sources.list was unsuccessful

I added the line

    deb "file:/media/richard/Debian testing amd64 1/debian" buster contrib main
Looking at one of my sources.list files, I wonder if it shouldn't be
	deb "file:///media/ .......
(3 slashes instead of 1) ??

I was wondering about that. I've never had a clear understanding of when to use 1 slash and when to use 3. I assumed that in this case 1 was acceptable because how Synaptic's error message was phrased when attempting Edit --> Reload Package Information.


The line left by the installer usually looks something like:
deb cdrom:[Name of CD/DVD - The word Official and the Date]/ buster main

Yes, but ... <chuckle>
By default automount of flash drives is enabled and
    /media/richard/Debian testing amd64 1/debian
is how the system identifies the mounted flash drive.
[And I've forgotten how to disable automount]

My experience with automounters is that if you unmount / eject manually,
it won't auto remount until you unplug and replug the drive. So from the
file manager, select the mount point and from the right click menu
select 'unmount', 'eject', 'safely remove', or whatever your file
manager calls it, and then you should be able to mount it manually (from
a terminal) wherever you want it.

$ sudo mount /dev/$DEVICE /media/cdrom

That's not so clear cut. MATE's Caja offers 2 choices ["Eject" and "Safely Remove Drive"]. Both remove it from MATE's Places menu. Using a subsequent mount command will mount it "read only". Have not checked for other ramifications.

and if you mount either the usb or the .iso to /media/cdrom then apt can
find it and you can continue installing pkgs from it after first boot.

Can't do that as it is already mounted. Tried another workaround and crashed
the system. Doing a re-install now. As I've work to do, I'll install
manually install the needed packages before closing the installer.

Haven't people warned you that apt or apt-get is preferred over synaptic?

Opinions differ ;/

Do it the easy way.

That's why I use Synaptic.
Besides I suspect a typical user will use a GUI when possible.
I have found a problem and believe I should document it. Besides, before
retirement, I was an inspector. Concern for "minor" details is my nature.

Thank you.
I believe synaptic lets you configure the sources without manually
editing sources.list. See Settings > Repositories .

I found that after I posted. Didn't have time to fully investigate. I didn't act as I expected. Need to pursue documentation.