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Re: BUSTER install - CATCH-22

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>Concern for "minor" details is my nature.

In the spirit of April Fools' I will concede that you are absolutely (not) 
right:  You can't mount a device again when it's already mounted 
automagically, and besides... the debian installer should know that you 
installed this automount thing, right?  Your "default" installation should 
be the same as every other installation and work the way you and 
everybody else wants it to, no matter what the individual needs are.

For a retired inspector, you sure come across as a real bungler sometimes. 
I hope you get it together, you have been posting these threads for what, 
6 or 7 months now?  How long is it going to take you to realize that 
though opinions do differ, some opinions have been proven to be more valid 
than others?