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Re: text editors

tomas@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Do your reading before spewing nonsense:
> https://leanpub.com/lisphackers/read
> (and this is /only/ Common Lisp. There's Racket, Guile and the new
> kid on the block, Clojure, each one with its own, quite interesting
> projects -- check out Guix for Guile's current hot-spot).
> Sorry, that sounds harsh, but that's how fake news are born. You've got
> the tendency to state things as if they were true: then you've got the
> damned duty to do some research before.

No problem at all - I have not done research recently - I stopped dealing
with this 12y ago gave up finally 10y ago. What I mean is I have not heard
anything significant, but the reading you point out looks interesting -
will follow up later.

I had a state of the art theoretical model - approved by two universities,
but for lack of funding I gave all this crap up. might someone else dig
further. This is best example how ignorance kills science.
Lets hope someone else goes the way to the end ... like Copernicus, Bruno
and others did over 200years.

Amen! :D