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Re: text editors

On Mon, Apr 1, 2019 at 5:53 AM Gian Uberto Lauri <saint@xxxxxx> wrote:
.....Yet Lisp gave me something useful on my work, and that is not
just being used to functional programming, but also being ready to
accept that "Ok, guys, here is a place where you have to start
thinking _very_ differently from where you were used to"; and
understanding why elegance is so good in coding: a piece of elegant
code is a piece of code that you actually "feel" is good code, its
correctness being almos blatant :).

In other words, lisp and prolog (and clojure and guile and scheme....) give the "feeling" that "elegant code" can be the best software representation "in coding". Why? Because "the correctness is almost blatant", as stated. In other words, semantics collapses to syntax. As in mathematics.