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Re: text editors

>>>>> "DW" == David Wright <deblis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

DW> I assume that you meant to write some derogatory verb at • or
DW> else it got lost, as did your entire comment in the other two
DW> versions I've received from you.

I think that the original tale referred to their secretaries, and no,
it was never meant to be derogatory, anyone who understand what
happens around in the workplace KNOWS how fundamental is their

I also think that that was an example of "people who thought it whould
have been impossible for them to write even the easiest program". As
an example, my mother -yes she was a secretary- had her typewriter
replaced by one of those "videotyping" (I am translating the
"videoscrittura" term used then in Italy) in the early nineties. Those
were PCs within a typewriter, I suppose my mom received some sort of
CP/M with a word processor in a rom. It was very like a "tv

O.K., that was a typewriter, a tool she felt confident, so just asked
me a little help. But it had command sequences that were more user
unfriendly than mainframe commands. But, it was a typewriter, she had
no problem to use it.

(later "videoscrittura" machies from Olivetti were indeed DOS-PC in a
typewriter case, I saw people play Arkanoid with them)

Some ten years later, "videoscrittura" sets where completly replaced by
general purpose PCs with [you can guess the software suite].

But those were "computers" not "typewriters", and my mother feared
them, she wrongly feels herself unfit for those machines. I think that
having such persons create some sort of automation whould avoid
"scaring" words, not because "they can't" but because they wrongly
think "they can't".

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