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Re: text editors

>>>>>   <tomas@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> I think also, but no one uses it except for emacs or some niche
>> programming.

> Do your reading before spewing nonsense:

>   https://leanpub.com/lisphackers/read

> (and this is /only/ Common Lisp. There's Racket, Guile and the new

Wilber likes Guile :) :) :)

> kid on the block, Clojure, each one with its own, quite interesting
> projects -- check out Guix for Guile's current hot-spot).

> Sorry, that sounds harsh, but that's how fake news are born. You've
> got the tendency to state things as if they were true: then you've
> got the damned duty to do some research before.

Let me add 2 cents.

First: http://www.paulgraham.com/lisp.html

Second, for a bit of fun: http://www.paulgraham.com/lisp.html

My personal experience:

Would I like to hang out with lisp hackers? Definitely yes.

Can I? I feat the answer is definitely not. In my company (you can
guess it from the address domain), I know only another guy who knows
Clojure, and he's better than me… But we can't use it on our work.

Java, Java, Java, some SQL, more Java. If you are lucky some Scala.

Lisp is my lifeboat that saves the day and my brain when nice projects
come up like "make GDPR compliant this bunch of legacy applications",
situations where you have potentially tons of stupid, mechanical
editing. Yet Lisp gave me something useful on my work, and that is not
just being used to functional programming, but also being ready to
accept that "Ok, guys, here is a place where you have to start
thinking _very_ differently from where you were used to"; and
understanding why elegance is so good in coding: a piece of elegant
code is a piece of code that you actually "feel" is good code, its
correctness being almos blatant :).

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