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Re: Installing Debian root on ZFS mirror NetBoot

On 01.04.2019 09:40, Matthew Crews wrote:
On 3/31/19 11:20 PM, Mimiko wrote:
On 01.04.2019 05:51, Matthew Crews wrote:
Step-by-step instructions are found here:


I read this guide, but this implies to have a separate MD raid on disk.
It is not fully /boot on ZFS.

Erm, this guide walks you through the process of getting / root on ZFS,
though it does make you do a little extra legwork to set up a Z-RAID.
I've followed this guide myself for an encrypted ZFS setup on Debian
with my Laptop.

You are aware that ZFS does not use traditional MDADM, but rather
integrates the RAID functionality directly into the file system, right?

Yes, I know. In 2.2 is mentioned to partition disks. And in 2.3 ZFS pool is created from partitions, not using full disks. And this is confusing me. Why create additional partitions not managed by ZFS?