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Re: text editors

Gian Uberto Lauri wrote:

> d> I've been listening at this BS at the university as well. Until now
> d> I have not seen any practical or pragmatic use of this. I have
> d> worked with PL and prolog for a while ... unfortunately I think in
> d> coming years or decades it all will be declared dead ... when the
> d> true AI from China will take over :D :D :D
> I think that Lisp was used in AI because it was the best language you
> could find to code smart algorithms on... Figure implementing mapcar
> in assembler or FORTRAN :)

I think also, but no one uses it except for emacs or some niche programming.
Do not understand me wrong - I think it is a pity that it is not used more
widely, but ... this is also my point. Few years ago I did some research
where Prolog is used ... guess what - very limitted domains. Perhaps you do
a research where lisp is used and share results.