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Re: Help updating a Jessie installation to Jessie LTS


On Sat, Mar 30, 2019 at 04:12:05PM -0400, rh kramer wrote:
> I found a post that told me what the content of
> /etc/apt/sources.list should be for Jessie LTS.

LTS updates (for a limited set of architectures) make their way into
the <distribution>/updates suite that is found on
security.debian.org, just like the normal security updates used to.
Therefore you do not need to change your /etc/apt/sources.list just
to use LTS.

You *may* need to modify sources.list to remove references to
<distribution>-updates (note the '-', not a '/') as that suite was
used to contain packages for point releases, and is removed when the
distribution is no longer being updated by Debian.

When that suite is removed, all of its contents have already been
put into the regular <distribution> suite at the last point release
of that distribution.

There is some talk of in future not entirely deleting the
<distribution>-updates directory from the mirrors, but instead
leaving it present and empty. This would be to prevent error
messages in apt clients doing an update and finding the directory no
longer present. It would have no functional effect as all the
packages from that suite would already be in the <distribution>

Eventually when the distribution is long out of support, it is
entirely deleted from the main Debian mirrors and only becomes
available from archive.debian.org.

> I think I need to remove the references to jessie-updates from the
> sources.list file.  But, I'm fairly sure that won't solve what
> looks to me like the bigger problem:
> root@s31:~# apt-get upgrade
> Bus errorackage lists... 1%

That looks very bad and is indicative of a serious software error or
hardware problem.

I doubt that has anything to do with your use of "jessie-updates" in
your sources.list, even though the "jessie-updates" lines shouldn't
be there any more.

When did this start happening?

Can you think of anything you may have done that alters the
"apt-get" binary?

Does it still happen when you use just "apt" or "aptitude"?

> Oh, an extra credit question: are there mirrors I can use for Jessie LTS or
> must I use debian.org?  If there are mirrors I can use, where would I find
> those?

Since LTS packages end up in <distribution>/updates, you can use the
normal Debian mirror network for security. So that's
security.debian.org or the equivalent as listed by

> Here is what I put in the sources.list file:

Looks correct except remove the "jessie-updates" lines.


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