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Re: Installing Debian root on ZFS mirror NetBoot

On 3/31/19 12:45 AM, Mimiko wrote:

I know that ZFS is not well supported as MD raids. All I've found on internet on installing Debian on ZFS is using a live disk.

My goal is to boot from network and install Debian root on ZFS raid mirror. I can do this using MD raid. I am searching for suggestions of how to enable ZFS during installing from network and partition disks using ZFS.

Any suggestion and ideas a welcome.

I migrated my SOHO file server to FreeBSD specifically for ZFS. While FreeBSD rocks as a server OS, I find that graphical desktops are better on Debian. On Debian, I use BTRFS. I also use only one device for the system drive, and keep it small (16 GB SSD and USB flash drives) to facilitate taking, storing, and restoring images.