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Re: BUSTER install - CATCH-22

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>The installation, having put the DVD1 ISO on a flash drive, encountered 
>no problems
>*HOWEVER* I need several packages [gparted, tcl, tk] which are in the DVD 
>Synaptic is unable to install them:
>  1. sources.list refers to a non-existent physical DVD.
>  2. the default installation has no way of informing Synaptic
>     that it should look for an alternate iso image.
>  3. modifying sources.list was unsuccessful
>I added the line
>    deb "file:/media/richard/Debian testing amd64 1/debian" buster contrib main

The line left by the installer usually looks something like: 
deb cdrom:[Name of CD/DVD - The word Official and the Date]/ buster main

and if you mount either the usb or the .iso to /media/cdrom then apt can 
find it and you can continue installing pkgs from it after first boot.

Haven't people warned you that apt or apt-get is preferred over synaptic?  
Do it the easy way.