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Re: After upgrading to stretch, a package refuses to purge or upgrade

Charlie Kravetz <charlie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> You may have to remove Orca and all associated programs before you can
> remove espeakup.

	Thanks and you are correct but orca is not installed on
either of the two systems so thankfully, that won't be necessary

> Other than that, someone much wiser than myself will step in and help
> out.

	I feel kind of ashamed at a time like this as I have been
working in the unix world for 30 years this year and the one
thing I do know is that one must be very careful to first do no
harm.  I will see if I can purge each of the packages that
apt-get autoremove says can be safely removed and do this one at
a time since apt-get autoremove just tries and complains if you
do it as a batch.