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Re: Liveusb w/ persistent data


Not sure if this is the right solution.  However when booting and
installing from a flash disk, I get the option to install to either hdd
or flash disk (as this device is detected),  I also get the choose where
to install the boot loader.

The same applies if I have 2 or more physical hard disks in a system, it
will give me the option as to where to install.

Would plugging in a 2nd flash disk and then installing to that work,
then tell the bootloader to install to that device.

Comments welcome on this.



On 31/03/2019 05:47, Joe B wrote:
> Hello,
> I’ve asked this on irc a number of times but links and answers I try are
> usually outdated or simply don’t work
> I want to make a bootable buster with persistent data so it saves my
> settings whenever I reboot.
> Looking for links I haven’t tried or steps that could help out.
> Any help is appreciated
> Thanks

Paul Sutton
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