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Re: text editors

On 30.03.19 01:29, deloptes wrote:
> John Hasler wrote:
> > I'm not trying to persuade anyone to use Emacs.  I am trying to convince
> > people not to be deterred from trying it because of myths such as "You
> > can't use Emacs if you can't program in Lisp".
> Sorry John, but all of this is obsolete, if you are pragmatic enough, you
> would admit it. Just take a step back and have a look from the other side.
> What I am trying to say is that it is not worth investing time in learning
> it - learning not lisp, but the whole emacs stuff and partially lisp,
> because as someone said sooner or later you need this or that - finally
> this is THE feature of emacs. If you do not take advantage of lisp, then
> why not use any other editor. Sorry!

As a 30 year vim/vi veteran, I'm not wildly predisposed to emacs, but
some of its users might prefer 3-key chords to vim's modality - having
to remember whether you're in normal or insert mode for minutes at the
time. (Unless you turn on an indicator. I change the cursor colour as
well as having mode displayed in the status line. Over-65s may be granted
that dispensation, perhaps.)

The only other editor I've used is the line editor, CREDIT. (Yes,
everything was in capitals only, IIRC.) That was 1981, and it was on
the Intel "Blue Box" MDS, complete with 8" floppy drives. (Harddrives
were only know on mainframes and top end minicomputers back then.)