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Re: text editors

On Fri 29 Mar 2019 at 19:22:47 (-0400), Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Friday 29 March 2019 19:08:20 deloptes wrote:
> > John Hasler wrote:
> > > deloptes writes:
> > >> I've been listening at this BS at the university as well. Until now
> > >> I have not seen any practical or pragmatic use of this.
> > >
> > > The results of ignoring it are evident all over the Web.
> >
> > this is true, unfortunately. It was 2009 when I finally gave up. If
> > found out that in every single are of science there is the mainstream
> > and the good stream, but the mainstream supressing the good stream ...
> > I was dreaming of applications programmed in PL, but found out that it
> > is not desired, so it is laughable how today everybody is talking of
> > AI. WTF! It's screwed at the base and unless things change there,
> > nothing will change else where.
> > This is crap and this whole discussion around emacs and lisp is
> > laughable as well - overblown text editor for what ... to write text
> > files?! Give me a break, pls!
> +10 deloptes

I'm glad you understood it. Perhaps you could gloss it for me in a
private email.

> The editor is a personal choice. What I care about is what comes out of 
> it.

Of course you do. So do I. With a few exceptions, most of the work
I have done on computers has been the production of text files
(about which deloptes appears to be dismissive).

As a consequence, the text editor is one of the most important tools,
and what workperson doesn't care about their tools, seeking to improve
them, and to improve their ability to use them. I've already learnt
a couple of new things about emacs and, in another forum, I recently
learnt a few things about vi and its server (or daemon) mode.

But we all have to make choices about what we can spend time on.
Unfortunately, at the moment, any lisp dialect is well down the
list. Even if I had the time, my focus would be on the dialect
scheme and, in particular, guile. How much help that would be for
my use of emacs, I don't know.