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Re: text editors

On Friday 29 March 2019 19:08:20 deloptes wrote:

> John Hasler wrote:
> > deloptes writes:
> >> I've been listening at this BS at the university as well. Until now
> >> I have not seen any practical or pragmatic use of this.
> >
> > The results of ignoring it are evident all over the Web.
> this is true, unfortunately. It was 2009 when I finally gave up. If
> found out that in every single are of science there is the mainstream
> and the good stream, but the mainstream supressing the good stream ...
> I was dreaming of applications programmed in PL, but found out that it
> is not desired, so it is laughable how today everybody is talking of
> AI. WTF! It's screwed at the base and unless things change there,
> nothing will change else where.
> This is crap and this whole discussion around emacs and lisp is
> laughable as well - overblown text editor for what ... to write text
> files?! Give me a break, pls!

+10 deloptes

The editor is a personal choice. What I care about is what comes out of 

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