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Re: Kodi Bluray support.

On 2019-03-29, Alexandre GRIVEAUX <agriveaux@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello,
> Do anybody play bluray with kodi ?
> Its work well with VLC on the same machine with:
> - libaacs
> - libdplus
> - some others related
> But i'm unable to play it with kodi, kodi detect a DVD instead of 
> bluray.

Then what happens? Because a cursory reading of the internets indicates
this ('detecting' a dvd rather than a bluray) isn't a show-stopper.

I also read that you need a KEYBD.cfg file in ~/.config/aacs in order to
play (decode) bluray discs with kodi.

That file seems to be here:


Maybe you have that file already.

Good luck.

> I'm using paquages from debian repos.
> Thanks

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