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Re: text editors

>>>>> "EC" == Erik Christiansen <dvalin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

EC> Yes, yes, reflexive combativeness is jolly good fun, but
EC> understanding is more useful in the long term.

In my experience, if the language is elegant and wise, you can write
your code "easily" and often you get better coding.

EC> word used refers to being an analogue, i.e. taking the same place
EC> in the other editor.

As someone else wisely pointed out in this thread (my apologies for
forgetting the name), Emacs is built in Lisp, the interpreter and some
speed critical parts are coded in C, but the latter are somewhat "C
coded Lisp objects".

Differently from other tools that can be extended with "plugins", in
Emacs is simpler to pass from the "I know which key to press" to the
"I know what code to write" - provided you have some minimal knowledge
of Lisp syntax and constructs - because in Emacs every keystroke
triggers a function call and you Emacs tells you which function is
invoked, how to use it and even, if you have the lisp sources
installed, see its implementation. That's how some "random amateur
lisp coder" was able to bang the original html-helper-mode to the tool
he used to survive ASP pages :).

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