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Re: text editors

On 29.03.19 10:50, Gian Uberto Lauri wrote:
> >>>>> "EC" == Erik Christiansen <dvalin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> EC> Yes, yes, reflexive combativeness is jolly good fun, but
> EC> understanding is more useful in the long term.
> In my experience, if the language is elegant and wise, you can write
> your code "easily" and often you get better coding.
> EC> word used refers to being an analogue, i.e. taking the same place
> EC> in the other editor.
> As someone else wisely pointed out in this thread (my apologies for
> forgetting the name), Emacs is built in Lisp, the interpreter and some
> speed critical parts are coded in C, but the latter are somewhat "C
> coded Lisp objects".
> Differently from other tools that can be extended with "plugins", in
> Emacs is simpler to pass from the "I know which key to press" to the
> "I know what code to write" - provided you have some minimal knowledge
> of Lisp syntax and constructs - because in Emacs every keystroke
> triggers a function call and you Emacs tells you which function is
> invoked, how to use it and even, if you have the lisp sources
> installed, see its implementation. That's how some "random amateur
> lisp coder" was able to bang the original html-helper-mode to the tool
> he used to survive ASP pages :).

Yup, again, output-only mode - unrelated to input. A ROM-based monologue
doesn't make for much of a conversation, certainly not a thoughtful one.